I1 rating policy

Vatsim-Scandinavia would like to acknowledge the effort that our members are  contributing to our community, by taking part in training department activities. Active mentors, that are complying with both requirements stated below, can be recommended to the Instructor-rating (I1) by the Vatsim-Scandinavia Training Director:

  1. The formal requirements for an I1 rating, as stated by VATEUD, see http://www.vateud.net/operations/instructor-requirements. On the date of this writing (22. April 2015), the requirements are as follows:

    1. Above average knowledge of VATSIM, VATEUR and VATEUD rules and regulations

    2. Excellent knowledge of ATC matters

    3. Good pedagogical skills

    4. Good command of English, both written and spoken

    5. Passes the VATEUD ATSimTest Theory Examination for Instructors (or have completed a former INS-Course)

    6. In good standing with VATSIM

    7. Hold a CTR or CTR+ permanent rating

    8. Involved in ATC-Training for one year at least

    9. Served as ATCO for at least 100 hours during the last 12 Months

    10. Recommended by the local vACC ATC-TD Leader

    11. Approved by VATEUD4 or VATEUD14

  2. In 2 out of the previous 4 years been active either as:

    1. ATC mentor and/or

    2. Training Director/Training Assistant (Chief of Training), with a minimum of 1 year of mentoring

Vatsim-Scandinavia is not able to issue I1-ratings at our own initiative, since VATEUD has the final decision on this matter. It is therefore important to understand, that this policy only covers the recommendation of members to VATEUD.

At least once per year, the Training Director is supposed to validate, that the formal requirements are fulfilled by the members holding an I1-rating, and if not, inform VATEUD of revocation. The board is to be informed on the validation result.

This policy is to be reviewed, in case the formal requirements from VATEUD are changed.