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Welcome to VATSIM Scandinavia, the home VACC for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden on the VATSIM Network. On these pages you will find information on how to become an air traffic controller or pilot within VATSIM Scandinavia, and you will find all the information you will need to control or fly within our airspace.

VATSIM Scandinavia is a part of the VATSIM Europe Division, which, together with VATSIM UK and VATSIM Russia, forms the VATSIM Europe Region. Altogether they are a part of the global VATSIM Network which provides ATC services over the internet for free to pilots connected to the network using their Flight Simulator.

Our website is mainly written in English, but if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask us in any language.

Welcome to VATSIM Scandinavia, and enjoy your stay in our airspace.
How to join us
Thank you for wanting to join VATSIM Scandinavia! We are always looking for new pilots and ATC, whether Scandinavian, European or from anywhere around the world!

To become a member of VATSIM Scandinavia, you first need to set up your VATSIM Account correctly. If you are not already a member of VATSIM (the global organisation), please visit their website by clicking here.

To check your own VATSIM Account, click here. Enter your ID in the top box, and click Lookup. If your Region/Division is set as follows: ” Europe – Europe (except UK) – Scandinavia vACC/vARTCC”, everything is set! You are a member of VATSIM Scandinavia, and you can request ATC training. Download the Students SOP from the Training Department menu above and get started with ATC Training in VATSIM Scandinavia today!

If your account is not set up correctly, please go to the VATSIM Division Deployment, by clicking here. Follow the on-screen instructions to set your profile up for Scandinavia vACC/vARTCC.
If you get a message that you are already in a Division, and you need to contact the VATEUD Member function, please send an e-mail to the VATEUD Member function at , using the e-mail adress you used when registering at VATSIM, stating that you would like to become a member of VATSIM Scandinavia. The VATEUD Member function will then help you to change your Division and vACC to Scandinavia.
Community and Contacts
Apart from flying and controlling on the network, you can get involved in our diverse community in many ways. We highly encourage all members to join our forums and to log onto our voice communication program, Discord. If you feel the need to speak directly to staff, we are also all listed on the website with contact details.

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Pilot Information
For pilots, you can find all the relevant charts and airport information for Scandinavia on the following pages:

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Go to Airport Information DO’s and DON’T’s – a quick guide for pilots on how to behave on VATSIM
ATC Information
For ATC, you can find all the relevant downloads and procedures for all countries on the following pages:

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